Question of the Day – Cleaning Chemicals with Lemon?


Why do all natural cleaning chemicals seem to have lemon in them? Between the juice and the peel, lemons cover the cleaning bases. Lemon juice deodorizes, removes stains, and is a mild bleaching agent. It also contains citric and ascorbic acids, which dissolve hard-water deposits, remove soap scum, clean up rust stains, polish tarnish off metals, and remove wax and … Read More

Question of the Day – What is Spelt?


What is spelt? It keeps turning up in all kinds of breads and pastas. It looks like wheat, smells like wheat, and tastes similar – because it is. Spelt is officially known as triticum spelta, very closely related to bread wheat (triticum aestivium) and sometimes considered to be a subspecies. The earliest archeological evidence dates from about 5,000 BC, and it was a … Read More