Cage Free

Animals are allowed to roam freely in an enclosed area with unlimited access to food and water.

Free Range

Animals are provided shelter, unlimited access to food and water, and continuous access to the outdoors.

Grass Fed

Animals receive the majority of their nutrition from grass, with possible grain supplementation.

Grain Finished

Animals not only grass-fed but also stay on grass until they are slaughtered, which prevents the buildup of harmful grain-loving bacteria.


Food contains no added colors, no artificial flavors, and no synthetic substances. Minimal processing is often associated, but is only required for foods containing meat and/or eggs.

No Hormones Added

Animals are not given any hormones or steroids, but antibiotics are permitted.

Pasture Raised

Animals are raised in a pasture environment. No official definition has been created yet.


Crops are grown on soil with no prohibited substances (usually synthetic fertilizers and pesticides), and cannot be genetically modified. Animals are raised in conditions that allow their natural behaviors, fed 100% organic feed, not given antibiotics or hormones, and cannot be genetically modified. Multi-ingredient foods contain only organic ingredients, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors.