What is Naturally Organic

Naturally Organic is owned and run by the Niehaus (say it “Knee-house”) family, and specializes in the best natural and organic foods available. “You are what you eat” may be a cliché, but we believe there is a very important truth at its core: that the quality of the food you eat impacts your overall health.

With the increasing concern over obesity, chronic illness, allergies, food intolerances, and artificial ingredients in food, more and more people are paying attention to what they eat and how it is produced. Natural and organic foods offer an alternative to mainstream conventionally-grown products, which are often highly processed and contain ingredients that do not benefit the body.

Our goal is to provide the best food options available, to as many people as possible.  Whether you’re just starting to explore natural foods, are an experienced organic connoisseur, or are looking for vegan or gluten-free options

Our Story So Far

Our family moved to the Wisconsin-Illinois stateline area in 1995, looking to start over after the loss of a longtime job. After moving into the old family farm, Ted and Linda became interested in maintaining a more healthy lifestyle. They started raising their own eggs and some of their own meat, ground their own bread flour, and shopped at the local natural grocery, then called Nature’s Pantry.

When the previous owner was retiring, Ted and Linda decided to buy Nature’s Pantry, rather than allow the store they had shopped at for 15 years to close. They reopened it under the new name Naturally Organic, to express their emphasis on the importance of organic food. The Niehauses passionately believe that natural and organic food is a foundational element  in a healthy lifestyle, and want Naturally Organic to make that available to as many people as possible.

The Team

Ted Niehaus


Ted has always been interested in agriculture and in being directly involved with his food source. He is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to deliver the best products to the widest variety of customers.

Linda Niehaus


Linda has a wide knowledge of supplements and herbs. She is dedicated to finding the highest quality foods available, and to ensuring that customers get the products that will best meet their needs.

Rachel Niehaus


Rachel got her degree in professional writing and communications, but  has always been fascinated by the human body and its interactions with its environment. She has a good understanding of anatomy and physiology, and enjoys researching new information.

Bethany Niehaus

General Manager

Bethany is in process with a business degree, but her first love is people. She is passionate about providing the best service possible, and treats customers like extended family.